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Singing Companion

The Singing Companion is essentially a practice tool that can be tailored to the needs of virtually any music program. It is divided into two blocks, which respectively serve to train sight-singing skills—Melodic and Rhythmic Exercises—and melodic and/or harmonic dictation—Dictation Practice.

The ideal multipurpose resource for music students, designed for use in college aural skills courses as well as high shool AP theory classes.

Sound Aisle

Perfect Sixth’s flagship project—the ultimate community for rising artists. Built around the needs of exceptional young musicians, Sound Aisle is a revolutionary platform to showcase their work. But its intent is also to bring the past seven centuries of music closer to the public.

In order to bring underrepresented genres closer to today’s audiences, changes need to be made.

This is our contribution.

The ultimate music platform for emerging young artists, developed with the intent of bringing classical, jazz, and independent music closer to the public. More information coming soon.

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